Who We Are

For almost a quarter of a century, SEEK and its parent company - Manford - have been pioneering the ethos of “Science of Exceptionality”. This interesting concept states that in any sphere of life, the direction the world takes, the way in which things are conceived, and the opportunities that unfold as a result, are all
influenced by only 3% of the population.
Using this ideology, Manford has been able to create and promote their “Corporate Breakthrough Workshop”, which has in turn helped more than 180 organisations
in 82 countries find breakthrough success.
With SEEK, the company strives to take things to the next level - creating a product and service that enables organisations across the globe, and in any industry, not just achieve their business goals, but far exceed them.

Meet The Team

Our Team

  • Vinod Menon
    Solutions Specialist
  • Ramesh Menon
  • Baiju Jayarajan
    Head - IT
  • Pooja Premkumar
    Senior Consultant
  • Deepika Singh
    Senior Consultant
  • Rohith P Ray
    Head - Operations
  • Mamta Bhandari
    Client Servicing Manager
  • Nikhilesh Kumar N
    Client Servicing Manager
  • Sudhir Moshe David
    Client Servicing Manager
  • Girija Mahalingam
    Client Servicing Manager
  • Juvaldev KB
    Business Development
  • Deepa Rachel

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