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Built with forward-thinking organisations in mind, SEEK is a completely customizable tech solution, bringing together decades of research into Behavioural & Management Sciences, Psychology, Sociology and Ontology - making it one of the most comprehensive solutions available today.

SEEK uses a unique and adaptable methodology, tailormade to every client. This methodology helps organizations align their business goals with their people and processes, in the most efficient and effective way.

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  • Skill Development

    With an active engagement of only about 5 minutes per day, SEEK encourages reinforced learning in employees, helping them adapt and evolve in the organisation. Using extended practice, employees are able to learn from not just their successes but also their failures. And what’s most exciting about this feature is that it is completely customized to each client - making it not only relevant, but also constructive.

  • Organizational Alignment

    One of the most common, and often surprising, issues in organizations, is that the employees are not clued in to the company objectives, even if they have been working with the company for years.
    By aligning the people and processes with the organization’s goals, SEEK creates a culture of excellence and accountability, which is invaluable to successful growth.

  • Feedback

    SEEK achieves this alignment of goals by sharing interactive content with employees on a regular basis, logging their feedback, and addressing their issues and concerns confidentially, and in real-time. This system of fluid two-way communication inspires employees to be more engaged with the company, and creates an atmosphere of positivity, teamwork and increased productivity in the workplace.

  • Positive Reinforcement,
    Rewards & Recognition

    A regularly motivated workforce is a more productive and engaged workforce. SEEK motivates employees through peer-nominated recognition, departmental recognition and system-wide nominations for recognition and rewards. This promotes a healthy atmosphere of competitiveness in the workplace.

  • Performance Metrics

    An organization with a large and diverse workforce has a huge advantage if that workforce is effectively mapped and engaged. SEEK helps achieve this by creating massive amounts of data, which when analysed, can offer organizations some interesting insights, and help them retain their workforce.

  • Lifecycle Mapping

    At an individual employee level, SEEK offers up some very interesting data and insights from gathering data throughout an employee’s tenure. This longer term data and its analysis would offer up many possible suggestions to an organization’s activities, and help increase productivity.

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