The SEEK app is broadly divided into three parts, by functionality - Play, Learn and Value.


The app gamifies the employee experience in fun and innovative ways. By making the experience competitive and exciting, the employees end up spending a lot more time on the app, thereby providing the organization with invaluable data. Later, this data is utilized to create new content and engage the workforce in even more comprehensive and productive ways.


A big part of SEEK is training - from onboarding new talent to enriching the existing workforce. This is done via an entirely on-app learning experience. The training content can be updated and deployed much more regularly and easily, and the organization ends up benefitting in a myriad ways. Most important of all, SEEK reduces the need for an expensive training infrastructure almost entirely.


SEEK, being a mobile and always-on service, allows for constant two-way communication between the workforce and the organization. This creates a healthy, open working environment where the employees know their voices will be heard and addressed. This creates higher employee retention and lowers attrition, because the employees feel valued and begin to have an often self-imposed accountability for their work. A win-win situation for everyone concerned.

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