The SEEK approach is simple, nuanced, and incredibly
effective. The steps followed by the SEEK team consist of:

1. Diagnosis

SEEK delves deep into your organization, gathering objective data from a varied cross-section of the workforce. This data is then used to analyse both the internal and external environment at the company, and eventually define the desired objectives and outcomes.

2. Action Plan

Once the objective has been mapped out, SEEK goes about analysing all the raw data collected during the Diagnosis stage, and creating a customised content plan. It is at this stage that SEEK would also plan out the method of delivery of the customised content plan, to maximise its efficacy.

3. Implementation

With the help of the intuitive and fully customizable mobile app, SEEK can deploy the necessary content to employees across the organization, on a daily basis.

Result Analysis

After a stipulated amount of time, the above plan and its effectiveness is measured by analyzing the collected data over the three prior phases. The insights and learnings gained from that data are then used to start the cycle over again - with Diagnosis.

This methodology continues indefinitely, improving productivity and increasing employee retention more and more with each cycle.